We are committed to sound management practices that minimise the potential negative environmental effects of our building activities. By encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources, minimising environmental pollution, reducing waste and encouraging recycling we aim to contribute towards the improvement of the world in which we live.

As a business we are working to address energy and carbon efficiency in a number of ways.

Some of the ways we are looking to improve are reducing the energy usage at our sites and site welfare facilities. Upgrading our fleet of transport and site plant, thus reducing the carbon emissions output. To set targets for reducing site emissions and waste and continually monitor and develop those systems.

On all projects we intend to identify the environmental aspect of the project, the risks and impacts posed by the construction operations and suitable mitigation measures to control risk and reduce the impact on the environment. It is monitored both by the site management team and external consultants.

We aim to maximise opportunities for environmental and sustainable improvements; delivering cost benefits to clients and helping to meet low-carbon objectives.

We play our part in reducing the impact of construction on natural resources through our Environmental Purchasing Policy that is incorporated into subcontract documentation, encouraging the principles of responsible sourcing and minimising the use of damaging chemicals.

The monitoring of construction waste is undertaken through our site waste management procedures. Compliance to the requirements is monitored by the site team on a daily basis and supported through regular audits by our operations department.

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